Maneж, RU 2016
Somerset House, UK 2015
Outdoor Festival, IT 2015
Epicenter Projects, USA 2014
Noordkaap Artspace, NL 2011

USA, EU, Paraguay, Russian Federation, Bhutan, Colombia

Aesthetics of now

‘Paysage’ uses images of contemporary experience with specific political, urban and digital aesthetical-references, stirring existential meanings in a difficult environment to frame. Developed in the form of installations and performance it aims to reflect the spontaneity and short-term memory of contemporary-age, characterized by constant emergencies, moments of danger (or collective hysteria), and described by sociologists with words like ‘liquid’ and ‘transitional’.
The chaotic overlapping of different – but contiguous – aesthetics combined with temporary and sometimes unstable structures is a metaphor for the precarious, but mostly of the interchangeability to which are subject also the most profound concepts, including ideologies, at this point of history.

The research is conducted with a multi-disciplinary approach involving the use of photography, video, 3D scanning and printing, recording and mapping in order to render the complexity of the dense relationship between identity and ladscape, paradoxically combining them with the aesthetics of propaganda and desire, echoing the sociological treaties of Bauman and Sennett.

In this shifting context, what does identity means? And above all, which are the characteristics that define it better and make it perceptible?

Urban references and digital details mix translating into the two levels of landscape we are immersed in, underlying plenty of contradictions, starting with the rising trend of borders fortification opposed to the instant circulation of informations and capital.

Many of the photographic materials that make installations and assemblages come from places on the planet seemingly unrelated to each other, at least geographically, but they find a common denominator in the cause-effect of the globalized economy and in the infrastructure of digital information; architectural documentation, details of everyday and connected life make up an attractive kaleidoscopic framework, precisely because it’s about all we can’t control because beyond our reach, but that deeply permeates our existence.