Padania Classics is a landscape research project aiming to identify contemporary landscape, aesthetics and architectural specificities of ‘Padania’, a Nation formerly not recognized by anyone but deeply modified by political movements exploiting the loss of identity that characterized the last fourty years of unprecedent urban sprawl in Northern Italy, to foster the hope of secession from Italy as a way to create consensus.

Political rhetoric for decades presented Padania as a territory with different characteristics from Italy: ethnically diverse from the Romans, superior in moral terms, economically advanced and alien to common Italian clichés like corruption and mafia.

Exploring the megalopolis stretching from the Adriatic Sea to French Alps is possible to understand the role of what Spanish geographer Francesc Munoz called ‘Urbanalization’ in the loss of identity, or the worldwide flattening of architectural and urbanistic specificities which contributed to create a new kind of landscape: from European province to periphery of the world.



  • printed on Hahnemühle Ultrasmooth Photorag, fine-art archival paper
  • Folders contain 12 printed photographs from ‘Padania Classics’
  • Each folder is an edition of 3 + 1 Artist proof

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  • 48x33cm paper size (image size 45x30cm)

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