Artemis Gallery has the pleasure to present Brinks of Perception, an exhibition that will put in dialogue the artworks of Damjanski (USA), Filippo Minelli (IT), Gabe BC (USA) and Lauren Moffatt (AUS).

This dialogue’s aim is to show that the brinks, between what we consider to be real or imagined, has fallen. Our minds have been colonized and manipulated for so long, that our transition to the digital era has been softly understood.

​​We’re taking big steps towards digital and this path will require our perception’s education​, suggesting that there’s no turning back.

While Damjanski puts in perspective the viewer’s eyes and also its presence; Filippo Minelli’s works are chameleons, living in any public space around. Turned into chronicles, Gabe’s artworks have been recording the gradual ​evolution ​and the exigency of our​ modern culture; and Lauren ​Moffatt ​gives us access to the future reality, to which we’ll migrate ​with ​all our knowledge, concepts and purposes.

To explore the boundaries of what our perception is, as well as the absence of it, we want to take this context of digital art to explore this friction feeling that we have now, ​as human beings ​living in a historical transition between world cicles.


Curated by MMendonça e MJ Teixeira

Essay by MJ Teixeira