Filling the Space with Void



Fundacja Vlepvnet,
Warsaw – Poland
Gyeonggi Creation Center
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
TEAF Public Arts Festival Ulsan

Seoul, Songdo, Ulsan – S. Korea, 2014
Warsaw – Poland, 2013
Witte de With Festival,
Rotterdam – The Netherlands

Identity and landscape

Space is contradictory element because it has both the meanings of availability or absence. It’s the lack of something and the opportunity to be filled at the same time, and it shows the causes of the human need of ‘doing’ to define places and moments.

This double and opposite meaning can be both valued in positive or negative acceptation; void is usually perceived as a vital and urgent condition and also the lack of planning, but space is less and less considered something that can just exist without being exploited for any reason, especially in big cities and even more in Asian mega-cities.

This project started as a four months research in urban, suburban and rural areas of Europe and Asia looking for immediate elements of the landscape suggesting an idea of emptiness, focusing on the presence and absence of visual communication to define space and practices in the sprawling urban environment.

From that research various dimensions of blank advertising-billboards were extracted and used for the creation of artworks which filled empty spaces in various city limits, from a series of installations positioned in Korean landscapes once filled by the sea and drained through extensive landscape engineering to an 18 square meters billboard-shape dug in vacant lot, and then photographically relocated inside an 18 square meters vacant billboard in Warsaw’s ring-road.